BKM Scholarship Information

The Billy Kimmel Memorial Fund will award the 14th Annual Memorial Scholarship to a student / race fan through local race tracks. Racing was very important to Billy, and we feel that this $3,000 scholarship, given in Billy's memory, will benefit someone with both respect for education, as well as a love of racing.

The scholarship will be presented on the front stretch at Williams Grove Speedway during intermission at the 14th Annual Billy Kimmel Memorial Race on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Qualifications: Must be a 2020 High School Graduate and be enrolled at an accredited college or technical or business school. No specific major is required, but the school must be a 2 or 4-year facility.

Applications must be submitted by July 10, 2021 and winner must attend the Billy Kimmel Memorial Race at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Click here for the scholarship application
Year Winners Amount
2018 Caley McGuigan $3000
2018 Savannah Toddes $3000
2017 Maria Tsili $2500
2017 Shayanne Kimmel $2500
2016 Jordyn Oliver $5000
2015 Jamie White $2500
2015 Noah Martens $2500
2014 Megan Haney $2500
2014 Nathan Kulp $2500
2013 Samantha McClay $2500
2013 Mark Berkenstock $2500
2012 Erica Hartzell $2500
2012 Corey Olszewski $2500
2011 Deanna Hilbert $2500
2011 Shelby Randall $2500
2010 Briana Hershey $2000
2010 Timothy Woltman $2000
2009 Larysa Miller $2000
2008 Stephanie Witmer $2000

Advertising Opportunities Available The Billy Kimmel Memorial Fund is a 501 (c3) Public Charity